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Cypher: The City Of Keys

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Name:Cypher: The City Of Keys
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Have at y'all


They're just a bunch of damn Clueless. What could they possibly do to us?
— Unknown Hiver
Now in the Dead Book

"You look lost, sirrah. Walk with me for a moment and I'll teach you the dark of things -- that'd be the secrets, for a clueless traveler such as yourself. Mind you, don't brush against the grime; there's lots of soot-stained walls here. Now, sir prime, look up. Makes you dizzy, don't it, seeing the city of Cypher above you? See, living in an impossible city ain't always simple. You need a guide. That'll be twelve silvers. What, you ain't got any? Well, normally I don't do this sort of thing, but I'm in need of a new coat, and yours might do nicely on an evening such as this.

"Ah, much more better. Where was I? Cypher's like a thrivin' hive for everyone: for the celestials, for the fiends, for the Clueless and for the Lord. That's why the cutters who set their cases -- uh, their homes -- in Cypher call themselves Hivers. The Hivers what know the place best are us who teach; we're known as touts. I do my level best to tell a cutter everything he needs to know to survive in Cypher. Not everything there is to know, mind you. That'd cost extra.

"The Lord creates portals that lead everywhere, and when he wills he closes them. 'Cause the city's doors lead everywhere, everyone comes to Cypher sooner or later. That's when a sharp tout latches onto them, whirls them around the sewers and the jink-shops, and takes their fee. Sure, it ain't polite, but everyone's a cynic in Cypher, and the Clueless pay the price for their ignorance. Uh, no, I ain't callin' you ignorant! You, sir? You, I respect.

"See... Cypher's this great, big, clockwork mess 'a gears and sex. The great, shudderin' home to all the wayward planewalkers what get themselves stuck. Gotta do the deed, you see? Or that itch ain't never gonna leave. Likes it that way, The Lord of Ardor, can't take a stroll without seein' or hearin' some sorta sweaty ruckus and I can assure you, sirrah, it ain't always a fight!

"Don't be lookin' at me funny like that! I only speak the god's honest truth. And just you wait, it'll drive you mad if'n you try ta resist that urge. It's a mighty powerful thing."


City of Keys is an adult-oriented, planescape based dressing room set in a spherical, steampunk city that pinballs through the multiverse, picking up 'strays' along the way. It has a gritty, dark edge to it and has a tendency to be unforgiving to it's newcomers. Despite all the sex, this is not a pleasure cruise.

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